Why support us

Why do we need support?

The information on our site is not and will never be hidden behind a paywall and we will never charge for it in any other way. In order not to hinder access to knowledge, and for the sake of trusting our advice, we also do not place any paid advertisements. As a consequence, we have to cover all of the costs related to the maintenance and development of the project in other ways.

There are different ways to fund projects - each with their own strengths and weaknesses. Funding always comes at a price. Private businesses, when deciding to support a project, might expect advertising, or often do it for "queerwashing". In that case, the price the project has to pay, is its image - whose unethical actions are we excusing? Are we being objective or have we been bought? If we accept too much corporate funding, we risk losing the trust of our community. On the other hand, when accepting grants from government programs or NGOs, we have to agree to various conditions, and whether we want to or not, we are forced to take over their priorities, at least to some extent. This, in turn, can create situations in which we are unable to achieve our goals for many months, because instead we "maintain the project" by doing things that are important and necessary, but not necessarily the most urgent for our community.

That's why it is so important for us to have a healthy balance in our budget and financial independence from external entities - and that's something you can help us with. The core of this project has always been, is, and will always be the community. We want to create for the community and we want to be held accountable by the community. While we will not be able to give up grants and other donations altogether at the present, with your support we can reduce their share in our budget to the extent where we are more comfortable and secure in the fact that it is our community that sets our goals and we work for you first and foremost. If you agree with our philosophy and want to support our cause, you can do it financially through

What will we spend the collected money on?

What will we spend the money on?

  • supporting trans people involved in activism within our team, providing them with healthier working conditions, involving more people from our community
  • developing the resources of our site, including the creation of a comprehensive list of standards-verified experts
  • increasing the frequency of published materials
  • more multimedia: illustrations, infographics
  • texts by independent authors (outside of our regular team)
  • covering costs related to access to the sources of information (e.g. books, journals and other scientific publications)
  • further development of the website from the technical side - patching holes, adding functionality

Every person is welcome

While the project's premise is to promote the exchange of experiences and knowledge within the trans community, we do not close ourselves off to cisgender people who want to support us with their knowledge and skills, as long as they do so with respect for the project's goals and priorities and the people to whom it is directed. However, it will always be a top priority for us to support trans activists and supporting our Polish transgender community

In our team there are volunteers who are involved in varying degrees of time, as well as people who devote more time to ensure the functioning of the project, who, depending on what budget we have at any given time, are therefore partially compensated for their work. We would like to support all activists working in our group, but we need to remain flexible depending on our capabilities and the individual needs of different people. When expanding the team into new roles with financial support and commissioning outside artists and creators, we always try to involve people from the trans community first. We view this as another way of carrying out our mission to support the community. We are also aware that these people are people from a social minority struggling more than most with financial problems, lack of employment, and sizable medical expenses. Therefore, everything donated to support our project, is also a donation to support someone's transition or to improve the situation of trans people in the labor market. So in a sense, your donation has a double benefit - with the help of our project it supports not only the trans community, but also individual transgender people.