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Our project is Poland's largest publicly available knowledge base on transgender people and on all things trans-related. In the absence of any legal regulations on gender transition, as well as lack of reliable education among the medical community, the primary source of knowledge for trans people is the Internet. Our project was founded in 2021 in response to the lack of active Polish sources providing scientifically grounded trans-related content, presented in a way that does not replicate media narratives of suffering or illness, but instead rooted in the idea of celebrating our identities and the trans liberation.

This project is carried out by passionate activists with a support of Stowarzyszenia Grupa Stonewall and Fundacja Kohezja, but it could not exist without people like you. If you believe transgender people should have access to knowledge, and you appreciate our work, please consider supporting us so we can continue creating educational content for our community.

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About us

Tranzycja.pl is a collaborative knowledge base centred around the website of the same name. Its main focus is education and raising awareness inside of the trans community. Our work is grounded in the values of evidence-based medicine, intersectional feminism and trans liberation. The core of our team is made up almost entirely of transgender people and includes experienced self-advocates, a physician, a psychologist and a medical technician.

Our accomplishments include:

  • over 20 detailed guides describing various aspects of transitions, including hormone therapy regimens, top surgery techniques and the complicated procedure of changing ones legal gender marker. Our articles combine the evidence-based approach with a comprehensible form and practical advice regarding the practicalities of Polish healthcare.
  • essays and interviews covering different experiences of transitions, aiming to provide gender-questioning people with the knowledge required to envision their future
  • training and courses for medical professionals provided by the interdisciplinary team including both self-advocates and healthcare providers having experience in caring for transgender patients.
  • a complex guide for General Practictioners regarding transgender care
  • a first report dedicated to the Gender Identity Change Efforts (GICE) in Polish, detailing its history, modern forms and legal status
  • facilitating political change both through the education of our own community about trans liberatory models of healthcare and through critical engagement with medical professionals.
  • 15 thousand unique visitors monthly, representing the trust we have earned in the Polish trans community as a primary medical source.

Our plans include further development of the project - new functionalities that facilitate easier access to knowledge, such as an interactive map of transfriendly healthcare professionals, translation of our most important materials to the other languages (especially to Ukrainian because of the Russian aggression on our neighbor's territory). We are also working on creating a trans studies section of our website, dedicated both to translation of the transfeminist classics and to providing space for Polish theorists and authors.


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